Round Square Conferences are first and foremost about the students. Both the organisation and running of a conference is centered on student input, with adult supervision.

Each Round Square conference has a theme. Throughout the conference, the theme dictates what activities the students will be doing, guest speakers, environment and service initiatives.

Keynote speakers are an important part of a Round Square conference. They are always relevant to the theme and correlate with activities or barazas that take place throughout the conference. Speakers at a Round Square conference challenge delegates to think creatively and about the issue or topic at hand.

Service components of the conference are essential because they directly incorporate one of the IDEALS. Activities aim to achieve meaningful community partnerships, or grow on expanding ones in several cases. Service comes from the heart and is just as important for conference members to experience as it for those who are in need of service.

Conferences normally seek to bring out a conclusion of sorts from the week’s events so that the work done and opportunities experienced may be carried forward. This generally corresponds with the theme of the conference.

Each year there are three conferences to choose from depending on your age:

Young Round Square – 10-14 year olds – the host school would designate a 2 year range within this age group for their own particular conference (within the Australasian and South East Asian Region)

Senior Round Square – Years 10 and 11 (within the Australasian and South East Asian Region)

International – Year 11 (international).

To apply for any of these conferences please complete the Application – Round Square Conferences and return to Mrs Anna Barnier or Mr Barney Buntine.

There is some flexibility with the age groupings and, at times, we will consider those younger or older if appropriate.

A different Round Square school hosts these conferences each year.  It is usual practice for TAS to annex the conference with either a pre or post trip to enrich the experience.  Where possible this will incorporate service work, adventure, cultural pursuits or history.

The Australasia and South East Asia region has around 18 Round Square schools and includes Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Bali, New Zealand and, of course, Australia.

Additional information on upcoming conferences can be found by viewing the Conferences  flyer.