Broughton House History


Broughton House is named to honour the memory of Bishop Broughton, the pioneer bishop of the Anglican Church in Australia. William Grant Broughton arrived in Sydney in 1829 as Archdeacon of New South Wales and in 1836 became Bishop of Australia.

He had been educated in England at The King’s School, Canterbury and had a great interest in education. He was keen to see the establishment of schools for the young men who would become leaders of the colony. To this end Broughton was instrumental in establishing The King’s School, Sydney (which closed a few years after it was opened) and The King’s School, Parramatta.

In 1840 a group of people desirous of establishing a proprietary school somewhere in the Hunter region approached Broughton for support. In response to their request, he secured a grant of £500 from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), a charity based in London.

Broughton’s only visit to Armidale was made in 1845 when it was little more than a small village. A large granite cross near the Court House records that he held the first Anglican Church service in Armidale on 12 October that year. Bishop Broughton died on 20 February, 1853 and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.