Ross House History

Ross House is named after Scotsman Archdeacon James Ross. A man with a passionate interest in education, James Ross was appointed the vicar of Armidale in 1878. As the vicar of Murrurundi, he was aware of the attempts to establish a school in the Hunter region with money originally subscribed in 1840 When the matter concerning the location of the School went to the Equity Court for judgment in 1886, Ross passionately and convincingly advanced the case for Armidale. The resolution of the Master in Equity in October, 1890 was that Armidale was the preferred site but on condition that supporters of the idea raise an additional £6,000 to add to the £14,000 held in trust.
It was largely through the efforts of James Ross that the money was raised and plans to build a school could proceed.

Ross was instrumental in securing John Sulman as architect and also in managing the affairs of the company through various problems and setbacks during the building stage. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1892 to have conferred on him an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy by his old university and whilst there approved the selection of Rev William Fisher as founding headmaster. He maintained an active interest in TAS until his death in 1902.

Ross was greatly loved by all who met him and it was considered that he well deserved the epithet ‘Father of The Armidale School’.