TAS Foundation Annual Giving 2016

Every year the TAS Foundation sends out an Annual Giving Appeal to those in our community who may be able to give a gift, of any size, to projects that assist the school to continue to grow and develop.

Your generosity makes the difference at TAS and we see this same spirit in the parents, Old Boys, staff and students who dedicate their time and energy to this wonderful school, contributing to the sense of community that is the envy of many.

Please consider this year’s Annual Giving projects; all gifts are tax-deductible and provide the school with additional opportunity to improve in ways that will affect us all. Please join me in making a gift this year to the TAS Foundation. Together we can make a very real difference.

John Grant
President TAS Foundation

2016 Annual Giving Appeals

The TAS campus is a source of pride and inspiration for all who live and work at the school or for those Old Boys who return and can see the transformation that has occurred at their old school. Maintaining the heritage buildings, investing in the magnificent gardens and honouring the continued need for improvement means we ask this year for gifts to our Building Trust to assist us in these commitments.

The allocation of scholarships and means-tested bursaries assists over 70 families at the school and there is always a desire for the Foundation to give more. Gifts to this fund provide an education for life to students who would otherwise be unable to come to TAS. It is crucial to the success of the school that this Scholarship Fund is deep enough to continue to support our community.

The invaluable bursary assistance given by the Foundation to rural families in need of relief from the drought that still affects so many in our region, is sourced from donations given to this fund. This fund can provide welcome assistance to those who struggle at times and need help to keep their children at the school.

The ISSF is the Foundation’s dedicated fund available to indigenous students so they can access the full breadth of co-curricular opportunities available at TAS. Application for assistance from the ISSF is made by families and assessed by an independent panel to ensure it meets with the objectives of the fund.

Again this year we are asking for assistance to continue building the corpus of funds that enable us to award the Jim Graham Scholarship. In Jim’s 43 years at the school, he was a passionate believer in the humanities, the arts and the values of Round Square. This scholarship is awarded to a student who best exemplifies these same beliefs.

The TAS Sports Centre is one of the busiest areas of the school and the foyer is looking tired and in need of some attention. With the enthusiastic support of our staff, we would like to make some permanent improvements to the foyer to better reflect the sporting achievements of our Old Boys and current students, and to inject the pride we all feel for TAS into the very fabric of one of the busiest locations at TAS. All donations to this fund are gratefully received for this short term, immediate project.

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