Outline of Activities

Outline of activities students will be doing in the week

By working in allocated Nation teams of 6/7 students, each team must collectively complete:

  • A study of the Democratic framework of their allocated Nation
  • Must give a brief presentation on their assigned Dictator
  • Must have 2 representatives for the Model UN
  • Must produce a creative interpretation of ‘The Issue’ that will be debated at the Model UN – either art, music, media, social media, protest, communications
  • Must compete in the World Cup Soccer
  • Must complete the Steps courses – democracy begins with personal responsibility


The Year 10 Steps to Adulthood Program

The successful Year 10 Steps Program introduced a number of years ago is still highly relevant in the pursuit of understanding Democracy. Being an independent adult who can manage life skills is essential – ‘Democracy begins in the home’. The rotating Steps  program covers the following topics:

  • Car Maintenance
  • Maintaining Mental Fitness
  • Financial Management
  • Cooking Basics
  • Basic Sewing Repairs and Ironing
  • Crucial Communication Skills