Outline of Activities

Outline of activities students will be doing in the week

The week is designed to be high energy and challenging.

We have secured the support of the JUMP! Foundation, an experiential education provider who will facilitate the first two days of the week.  The program emphasizes community as a space that values cultural differences and is free of judgment with fun, interactive activities that challenge students’ notions of communication and trust.

We will also have a variety of guest speakers and will participate in games and other activities to support our discussion of leadership in action.

The careers component of the week will revolve around an application scenario.  Students will be required to apply for a job out of a selection provided, prepare a resume and be interviewed by representatives of local industry in a year-group competition.  Prizes will be awarded and feedback given for each student.

Brent Sanders
Brent is a former policeman who has been presenting to TAS Year 11 students for many years. His focus is on leadership as it impacts on healthy decision making focusing on: taking responsibility for your actions, the choices in life, the importance of respect and self-discipline.

Road Realities
Part of personal leadership is being a responsible citizen and no better example of this exists than our responsibility to be safe driver.  Given most of our Year 11 students have begun driving on our roads, the program’s content is especially timely.

Other activities include sessions on the following:

  1. The academic journey for Year 11 into Year 12
  2. What employers and universities are looking for
  3. The mental journey and managing anxiety
  4. Character Strengths Survey
  5. Creating a resume and applying for a job

VIP Guest for the Week
On Friday the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, Member for New England and Deputy Prime Minister will speak to Year 11 on his perspective of leadership.