Year 7 – Internationalism

Round Square definition of Internationalism

A spirit of internationalism is found in those who seek to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding, tolerance and respect.

It encompasses an appreciation for the increasing interconnectedness of the world, our greater dependence on the global economy and the interdependence of nations as a result of the massively increased commerce and cultural exchange.


Developing international understanding at this level provides an important foundation for students as they progress through subjects such as English, History and Geography as well as evaluate opportunities for Service Trips such as Fiji and Thailand through to Round Square exchanges and conferences.

The broad aims of the week’s activities are to develop an informed sense of cultural difference, involving acceptance of and respect for global diversity. The program is designed to promote in students an empathetic view of their world and embed the importance of ‘active’ global connection and citizenship.