The Supplied Laptop and Expense

2.1 The Laptop

All students from Year 4 to Year 12 are allocated a school laptop and this is a part of the compulsory curriculum at TAS. We have chosen an Apple Macintosh platform throughout the School. The Mac platform, together with a two year leasing period which keeps machines current, enables us to keep maintenance and network management costs at a minimum. Our students’ machines are virus, Trojan and worm free, something which is most easily achieved on the Macintosh platform.

All machines are equipped with CD/DVD drives and a very broad suite of software. This includes a range of creative tools such as Garageband (audio production), iPhoto (image editing), iTunes (music and video management), iMovie (powerful video editing) as well as Microsoft Office, the entire Adobe Creative Suite and other publishing and specialist software.

Our volume purchases help to keep hardware & software costs to a minimum, significantly reduce software costs and bring benefits such as visiting speakers, collaboration with learning technology specialists, global networking for professional development and access to pre-release software and hardware. All of this helps to improve learning opportunities for our students.

Introductory sessions for new parents and students are held on the first school day each year. These sessions cover familiarisation with the laptop as well as topics such as the rights and responsibilities of the user, email for students and parents and internet use and protection.

2.2 Costs

The laptop levy for years 4–12 is currently $675 pa and covers the annual rental cost of the laptop, insurance, a protective case, a separate backup drive, the software suite and internet connection costs. It is compulsory for all students to participate in this program.

The laptops are leased for a period of two years, providing regular updating and the most cost-effective arrangement for the School.

2.3 Insurance

All laptops are covered by a full warranty for faults and failures.

Additionally, the school provides insurance for non-warrantable damage or loss with a $250 excess for each claim. Repair and replacement costs of less than $250, including battery chargers, are the responsibility of parents.

The insurance policy does not cover stolen machines if left in plain sight, nor does it cover wilful damage. Additionally, machines are not covered if taken out of the country for periods exceeding 28 days and are not covered if transported in ‘checked baggage’ on aeroplanes.

Insurance claims and enquiries should be made through the IT Help Desk (email:

2.3 Renewal of Laptops, Data Transfer and Data Ownership

The laptop is renewed approximately each two years (though software and the operating system may be updated more frequently) through the IT Help Desk. At that time all student data on the laptop is transferred to the new machine (NB: students should back up their data prior to the transfer process.)

Laptops are returned to the School at the time that students as part of the leaving process. Students are responsible for the copying of any data that they wish to keep. The School will provide the copying equipment for any transfer to student supplied media (such as DVD or hard disc).

All data created by the student on their laptop remains the property of the student. All software installed on the laptop by the School remains the property of the School.