Middle School

At a stage where they are undergoing many physical, emotional and social changes, students in early adolescence have their own unique needs.

Educationally, children have emerged from the directed learning environment of primary school, and are starting to think differently and in a more abstract, independent, way. Socially and emotionally, they are developing their own sense of self: no longer little children, but with many steps still to take on their journey to adulthood.

Recognising this, as a leader in the education of early adolescent students, TAS in 2000, established Middle School, a distinct academic and residential precinct for students in Years 6-8.  A rich, challenging and stimulating curriculum is designed to generate an enthusiasm for life-long learning, in a way that excites and engages 11-14 year olds boys and girls. At the centre of our academic program is the view that English, Mathematics and Science, as core subjects, require prioritised teaching time and that all Middle School staff, regardless of their subject specialty, are teachers of the skills necessary to successful reading and comprehension skills so that each student is literate in all academic disciplines.

We believe that pupil motivation and self-esteem are undermined not when too much is expected of them, but too little.  By implication here, each student requires individual challenge to develop the confidence necessary to produce his best possible results in the wider curriculum. Accordingly, students are encouraged to achieve by being exposed to an eclectic range of learning circumstances and by setting high standards. Further, they are provided with opportunities to be increasingly responsible and accountable for their learning. We provide opportunity for them to achieve their goals by delivering a demanding, adventurous and well-balanced curriculum, in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, stability, security and happiness.

At TAS Middle School, we foster the challenges our students seek, but give them the boundaries they need. It is a place where we support the student, but help them find the adult they want to be.

Mark Harrison, Head of Middle School