Girls’ Boarding

Boarding at TAS transforms a place of residence into all the best aspects of home, while giving boarders an academic advantage as well as an active and rich social and recreational life. In our boarding houses, life-long friendships are forged against a backdrop of beautiful grounds, state of the art facilities and historic buildings.

Girl boarders are accommodated in a single newly refurbished boarding house, Dangar House, creating a safe and homely environment in the heart of the school. Dangar has wi-fi access and study rooms, common recreation areas, a TV room and kitchens for students’ use. Evening study time (‘Prep’) for Middle School girls and boys is conducted in classrooms under the supervision of academic staff. Senior girl boarders undertake study in their own rooms in Dangar House, with academic staff available for Years 11 and 12 to provide tutorials in particular subjects for HSC preparation and homework.

Pastoral care in Dangar House is lead by the Girls’ Education Director who is both a member of the school’s Executive and of the school’s teaching staff. She is supported in the boarding house by a deputy and residential assistants. The Girls’ Education Director works across the school with key staff to ensure academic, residential, co-curricular and health and wellbeing programs are appropriate to girls, and that they feel welcome and nurtured in a safe, caring, inclusive and positive environment.

A healthy range of meals served in the school’s main dining room, evening supper in House, and the constant availability of fresh fruit, provide a nourishing and balanced diet.

Outside of school hours, all boarders have access to the school’s excellent facilities, including the heated indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, and fitness centre. Boarders can take town leave during the week when they do not have other commitments. While there is no set number of weekend exeats per term for boarders, all boarders are expected to honour their school and sporting commitments, and some weekends are closed due to specific activities. Leave can be organised with the Girls’ Education Director. A well-appointed Medical Centre is staffed by qualified nursing sisters who are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the school doctor also visits three mornings a week. Our nursing staff, and the school doctor have had extensive experience administering to the medical needs of girls.