Formerly administered under a succession of Ordinances of the Anglican Diocese of Armidale dating back to 1947 (click HERE to see the first Ordinance), and from September 2004 incorporated as an Anglican body corporate (click HERE to see the Governor’s Order as Gazetted),The Armidale School (ACN 141 108 241) was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act a few weeks prior to 1 January 2010. The company, called The Armidale School (permission was granted to exempt use of the term Limited), is made up of 24 Members, six from each of the four key stakeholder groups: Old Armidalians’ Union, TAS P&F, TAS Foundation and the Anglican Diocese of Armidale. These Members, who are like a council of elders, meet twice a year, including the company AGM.

Governance of the school lies with the School Board which in turn reports to the Members group. The School Board is made up of nine Directors, who meet along with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Company Secretary and Business Manager.

Two Directors are appointed by each of the Diocese and the OAU according to their own Constitution and rules. The remaining five Directors are elected by the Members. Directors’ terms are for a period of three years and appointments (Diocese and OAU) and elections occur on rotation.

The current chairman is Mr Sebastian Hempel BSc, LLB (Syd), Grad Dip (AppCorpGov), AGIA, ACG (CS, CGP) an Old Boy of the school.