Philosophy and Vision

At the core of the TAS vision is the firm belief that education is about the holistic development of character and willingness to engage in life, running parallel and not separate to, the pursuit of academic achievement and effort.

What sets TAS apart is the fundamental understanding that every student can, and deserves to, experience the kind of success the promotes self esteem, purpose and confidence to tackle new challenges.

Whether it is music, drama, sport, service or adventure, our purpose is to encourage each student’s growth by promoting involvement in worthwhile and personally important endeavours. This is crucial in developing life skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, work in a team and draw on leadership qualities through resilience, tenacity and independence..

This is underpinned by Christian beliefs and the principles of respect and responsibility. Our obvious successes in academic life, the energy and enthusiasm of our creative arts, our sporting and leadership achievements and connections to the community continue to give the school an immense sense of purpose, pride and spirit.

At the heart of our Vision are six pillars:

Individual Academic Focus
Holistic Wellbeing
Residential Distinction
Education Beyond the Classroom
Leadership, Service and Adventure
Resources and Facilities