Round Square

Round Square is an organisation incorporating a world wide association of schools which transcends conventional education, and supplies students with opportunities that encourage personal growth and service to others.

The philosophy of Round Square was developed by Kurt Hahn (1886-1974), a renowned educationalist, who founded the idea of experiential education through such initiatives as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, Outward Bound and Round Square.

His educational philosophy was based on respect for adolescents. He believed that students should be given leadership and service opportunities so that they could prove to themselves that they could make progress and make a difference outside the classroom. Round Square is centered on the IDEALS; a set of pillars which help define the organisation.  The IDEALS are Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

The name Round Square was derived from a curiously-shaped, 17th century building at Gordonstoun School in Scotland, the founding school of the association.

Designed by Sir Robert Gordon as an estate square to house horses, carriages and equipment for the estate, its circular design imitated similar buildings he had seen on his travels in Italy and hence it became called the paradox of Round Square.

Throughout its history, The Armidale School has valued the role of leadership, service and adventure programs in developing students to become young men and women with passion, courage and character, culminating in the ‘whole’ student resilience, respect and responsibility.

The Armidale School was admitted as a global member in 1998 and has upheld the IDEALS and enjoyed the connection it has with more than 150 schools across the world. Access to the Round Square network affords member schools the opportunity to arrange local and international student and teacher exchanges on a regular basis between their schools. Students also have the opportunity to participate in local and international community service projects and conferences.

For more information, visit the official Round Square website