Round Square member schools believe that the pillars on which our future are built are best summed up in the acronym IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

At TAS, these IDEALS are the backbone of our leadership, service and adventure philosophy and expressed in the following way:

International understanding develops through involvement of exchange students, the employment of overseas gap students and participation in annual overseas conferences.

Democracy is expressed through the student voice heard in the prefect body, restorative justice procedures, sports and disiplanary council, student driven clubs and social activities, and feedback to teachers and other staff.

Environmental responsibility will focus on both education and real action to reduce the carbon footprint of the school.

Adventure activities, in the outdoors program and in voluntary expeditions, will continue to develop as a signature element of the TAS program.

Leadership from students is developed through formal and informal leadership opportunities, from the boarding house to sporting field, from the cadet program to student clubs.

Service is encouraged to be part of every student’s life. This includes local service as well as opportunities for Christian service in Australia and overseas.