Service Projects

Round Square projects embody all six pillars through community or environmental service activities.

Round Square International Service Big Build Projects (RSIS)

Each year Round Square host two unique service projects for 50 students from Round Square Schools. The projects take place every year in July and December and run (on average) for two weeks.

Students work together with a rural community in need to build a vital piece of infrastructure. In the past this has been classrooms, accommodation for teachers, bridges and clean water systems. 

An ideal Leadership Development Opportunity for students

Participation in a Round Square Big Build Project is a great way for young adults to learn about global citizenship, community engagement, develop a deeper understanding of the world’s problems and experience a new culture. Packed with challenging adventure and cultural awareness opportunities, the project programmes are designed to ensure that students have an exciting, experiential and holistic learning experience that is second-to-none.

Participants take it in turns to be Student Leaders during the project, taking responsibility for the organisation of the day, briefing their peers, giving an overview of safety and risk management and organising a student rota to help with different chores at camp. Students are given feedback by their peers and the adult leaders, and will all receive a personal report after the trip.

If this is of interest to you, please see your Round Square representatives for more information or study the Round Square website in more detail here:

More information is available from here

School-based Regional and Local Service Projects

These are run independently by individual schools and are totally funded by that school. For some years, TAS has undertaken Christian service projects in Thailand and Fiji. These projects are ongoing and are advertised internally and we welcome all our students and staff who are keen to participate.

Local service projects such as the work we do with Minimbah Primary School are usually within our local community and are supported by students of the schools involved.

TAS is in the Australasian and East Asia Regions of Round Square, however there are, at times, opportunities for students and staff to be involved in service projects undertaken by schools from a different Round Square Region.