Boarding/Day Houses

When TAS was founded in 1894 it was a boarding school for the sons of the gentry. This first, small group of boys must have wondered how their best interests were being served by the upheaval of being sent from home to boarding school. Yet a strong sense of spirit and community very quickly developed amongst the boys, and a House system for sporting competitions was introduced in 1923.

With the building of White House in 1963, boarders were accommodated in House groups, with day boys assigned to these Houses for sport and other co-curricular competition. Twenty years later, two day boy houses were established to give day students their own sense of identity and spirit. These were officially inaugurated by HRH Prince Edward during a private visit to the School.

Succeeding decades have seen changes to the House system, most recently with the introduction of co-education in 2016. White House is now home for all Middle School boy boarders, Senior girl boarders (years 9-12) are accommodated in the newly built Girls Boarding House and Middle School girls reside in Dangar House. Senior boy boarders (years 9-12) are accommodated in Abbott, Croft and Tyrrell Boarding Houses. All day students, including those in Junior School, are members of one of the three day houses (Broughton, Green and Ross).

The friendly rivalry and a strong sense of spirit that exists in all six sporting houses, helps create a sense of identity and belonging. For news about  your child’s house – whether it be residential, co-curricular or recreational activities or contact details for those in charge – you will be able to find it by clicking on the menu at left.