Bell Tower Society

The Bell Tower is an architectural feature recognised by all Old Armidalians'. Its bell called generations of boys and girls to class, Assembly and Chapel, while the tower itself was also a place where mischief and many adventures took place.

As such, the bell tower symbolises the character of TAS students, who manage great personal achievement while still maintaining a healthy sense of fun and enjoyment. The Bell Tower Society was established in honour of our older Ulumni whose own tales we like to hear and savour. The current patron is Sir Owen Croft (1945-1949), at school he was a Monitor, received the Blomfield History prize, played rugby and was a member of the GPS Athletics team.
We are honoured to have him represent the Bell Tower Society. If you would like to join the Bell Tower Society, please contact Donna Jackson by email or call the Development Office on 6776 5851. /half]