125th Anniversary Appeal – Top 20 Donor List

Plaques naming the top 20 donors to both the Dining Hall and at the Chapel Street Gates Appeals will be placed at each location in recognition and thanks for the generosity in making these 125th Anniversary projects possible.

TAS Dining Hall

The iconic and magnificent TAS Dining Hall designed by the acclaimed English and colonial architect John Sulman is in need of attention and focus to restore it to its intended glory.

Last year’s fundraising made it possible for us to lower the stage to the original height, this year the appeal aims to fund the improvement of the lighting and sound as well as updating the furniture which is in genuine need of replacement. The funds required to complete this project are $100,000 to $125,000.

Top 20 Dining Hall Restoration Donor List at 1.12.19

  1. Mike Hoskins
  2. TAS P&F
  3. David Uther
  4. Kwun & Pansy Lam
  5. Walter Eilbeck
  6. Pat Bradley
  7. David Rowe
  8. James Jones
  9. Andrew McConville
  10. Luci Rafferty
  11. Robert Busby
  12. Angela Collum
  13. Robert Crossman
  14. Mort / O’Neil Family
  15. Andrew Murray
  16. Geoffrey Newman
  17. Belinda Tongue
  18. David Fenwicke
  19. Vincenti Tongia
  20. Fiona & John Nash








OAU Chapel Street Gates

To commemorate the School’s 125th Anniversary, the OAU is building a suitable set of gates as its project to mark this very special year. The Chapel Street gates will echo the existing historic gates that mark the entrances from Douglas, Barney and Mann Streets.

This $40,000 project will give a substantial facelift to a part of the campus that is increasingly becoming the main entry to TAS for so many in the wider community.


Top 20 Chapel Street Gates Donor List at 1.8.19

  1. Old Armidalians’ Union
  2. Rice Construction Group
  3. Mr Jock Mitchell
  4. Mrs Kerrie Flower
  5. Mr Tig Eilbeck
  6. Rowe Family
  7. Mr Graham MacDougall
  8. Mr Murray Guest
  9. TAS Parents and Friends
  10. Mr Sebastian Hempel
  11. Mr Pat Bradley
  12. Mr Ian Andrews
  13. Ms Angela Crowther
  14. Mr Stewart McRae
  15. Mr Allister Rodgers
  16. Mr Rob Busby
  17. Mr John Lennox
  18. O’Neil Family
  19. Mr David Fenwicke
  20. Mr David White