TAS Rugby Galleries 2017

Here are galleries of photos taken from TAS staff and parents of rugby matches during 2017. Thanks to all those who have contributed and shared their images of TAS rugby.

Kings 1

1sts v King’s (various)

Rugby 2s

2nds v King’s

Rugby 16s

16s v King’s

Rugby 15s

15s v King’s

Rugby 14s

14s v King’s

Joeys pic

1sts v Joeys (J Hamparsum)

Rugby 1sts

1sts v Joeys (S Kang)

Rugby 2nds

2nds v Joeys (S Kang)

Rugby 16s

16s v Joeys (S Kang)

16As v SGS J Hamparsum

16As v Grammar (J Hamparsum)


16As v Grammar (W Forsyth)

Rugby 2nds SGS_9723

2ndXV v Grammar (J Hamparsum)


1stXV v Grammar (J Hamparsum)


1stXV v Scots (J Hamparsum)


1stXV v Riverview (J Hamparsum)

Farrer 1s J Hampar DSC_8920

1stXV v Farrer 2017 J Hamparsum


2nd XV v Farrer (J Hamparsum)

IMG_0424 (1)

1stXV v SBHS (TAS) 2017


Various v SBHS (TAS) 2017