TAS Supporters Groups

Throughout its history, TAS has been fortunate to be able to draw on the skills, interests, and time of parents, friends and Old Boys who have helped contribute to the development of sporting and other co-curricular programs.

This legacy was formalised in 2012 when the first sport-specific supporters club, the TAS Rugby Supporters Group, was founded to help amass support from parents willing to lend their passion and energy for catering, coaching and fundraising, as the sport’s offering was expanded through our association with our fellow GPS schools.

Since that time, enthusiastic parents have started Supporters Groups for cricket, football (soccer) and hockey, with more expected during 2014.

The aim of Supporters Groups is to foster the development of a sport through a ‘club’ type environment, whilst building the profile of the sport both within the school and the broader community. Supporters Groups run barbecues on gala days, offer coaching and administrative assistance, fundraise for equipment, and contribute to decisions about sporting opportunities.

To express an interest in being part of an existing group or establish one, please contact the Director of Co-Curricular by email.