Academic Scholarships

To be considered for an Academic Scholarship for 2023, you must complete the AAS (Academic Assessment Services) Examination that is to be held the morning of Scholarship & Open Day on Monday 21 February 2022 at The Armidale School.

Academic Scholarships are available for students entering TAS in Years 6-11, 2023 and Year 7, 2024.  All Rounder Scholarships are available for new students entering TAS in Year 7, 2023 and applicants are also required to sit the Academic Scholarship exam.

Based on the AAS Scholarship Examination results, previous academic record, and an interview with the Head of School for shortlisted applicants, scholarships may be offered to students who exhibit qualities compatible with the aims and ethos of TAS.

Academic Scholarships are open to external students and students currently attending TAS. The Year 7 All Rounder Scholarship is open to external students only.

Academic Scholarships to The Armidale School are part-fee scholarships ie the maximum award offered is 50% of the tuition and/or boarding fee, whichever is applicable.

To register to sit the Academic exam for entry to TAS in 2023 (or Year 7, 2024), visit the Scholarship and Open Day information site here: