Academic Scholarships

Applicants for academic scholarships are required to sit the Academic Assessment Services scholarship examination. The examination for 2021 will be held at 8:30am Monday 17 February, 2020 on the TAS Scholarship and Open Day. Scholarship applicants should arrive between 8:15am and 8:30am for registration.
Applications will need to be made online here.

The closing date for application is Wednesday 12 February, 2020. 

Scholarships to The Armidale School are part-fee scholarships ie the maximum award offered is 50% of the tuition and/or boarding fee, whichever is applicable.
Academic scholarships awarded from Year 7 onwards, are awarded for the duration of the student’s education at TAS. Middle School (Year 6) academic scholarships are awarded for the duration of Middle School (Years 6 – 8). Middle School academic scholarship recipients are eligible to register for a TAS academic scholarship for Senior School (Years 9 – 12).