Music Scholarships

TAS Foundation Music Scholarships and Wigan Music Scholarships are awarded under specific terms and conditions. Auditions are held in the year prior to enrolment, by negotiation and coordination with the Enrolments Office.

For more information, please contact the Enrolments Registrar, Mrs Jo Neilson on (02) 6776 5824, mobile 0425 222 317 or email [email protected].

TAS Music Scholarships awarded each year:

  • The TAS Foundation Music Scholarships provide up to 50% remission of tuition fees. These scholarships are available to students entering Years 7 to 11. This Scholarship will be awarded to a student who displays excellence in Music, with favourable consideration given to students who display combined vocal and instrumental talents.
  • The Wigan Music Scholarships are awarded annually. These scholarships provide part remission of tuition fees.

Music Scholarship Guidelines
As a guideline for scholarship applicants, the AMEB or equivalent grade standard to have attained are as follows:

  • Middle School Years 6, 7 & 8 – Grade 4 (or above) AMEB or equivalent or Suzuki 4
  • Senior School Years 9 & 10 – Grade 5 and 6 (or above) AMEB or equivalent or Suzuki Book 5
  • Senior School Years 11 & 12 – Grade 6 AMEB (or above) or equivalent.

Graded Music Theory and Musicianship
A broad knowledge and understanding of music theory will be beneficial. Whilst not a requirement, achievements in Music Theory or Musicianship examinations will enhance the application for a TAS Music Scholarship.

TAS Music Scholarship Application
The Music Scholarship Application process involves:

  • an Audition
  • completion of the Scholarship Application Form
  • completion of a Supporting Statement and inclusion of other relevant documentation.


Auditions for new applicants are held in the year prior to enrolment. An annual review of current scholarship holders is conducted in October each year.

Scholarship Application Form

All applicants must complete the Music Scholarship Application form (below) and attach the appropriate supporting documentation and statement.

Music Scholarship Application Form

Supporting Statement and Documentation
As part of the Scholarship Application applicants are expected to write a supporting statement and provide evidence and/or documentation, outlining the following:

  • Musical achievements including any awards, competitions, compositions and/or personal accomplishments;
  • Performance history including solo and/or ensemble performances, tours, notable performances, etc.;
  • How you would like to be involved in the musical life of TAS;
  • Your approach to music practice and your aim to achieve in music.

All applicants will follow the school’s normal enrolment procedures in addition to this scholarship application process.

Policy Conditions for all TAS Music Scholarships

  • Scholarship holders in Years 6-10 are required to participate in at least one TAS vocal and one TAS instrumental ensemble.
  • Scholarship holders in Years 11 & 12 are required to participate in at least one TAS ensemble.
  • Scholarship holders should study Music as an elective from Year 9 onwards, unless other arrangements have been made
    with the Director of Music.
  • Scholarship holders are required to learn at least one instrument formally (with an instrumental tutor).
  • Scholarship holders are required to complete grade performance examinations or the equivalent.
  • Scholarship holders are expected to perform regularly within the School calendar.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Enrolments Registrar, Jo Neilson by email [email protected] or telephone 6776 5824 or 0425 222 317.

For Music Department related enquiries please email [email protected] or call the Co-curricular Administrator on 6776 5820.

The following document can be used by arrangement with the Director of Music for the assessment of AMEB/Trinity Grading equivalency in order to apply for a TAS Music Scholarship.

Equivalency Report for Scholarships