TAS All Rounder Scholarship – Year 7 in 2021

To celebrate 20 years of the TAS Middle School in 2020, we are delighted to announce the TAS All Rounder Scholarships for new boarders or day students considering entry into TAS in Year 7.

These scholarships are given to students who demonstrate those values and character traits that suggest they will thrive at TAS and make the most of the opportunities offered.

To be considered eligible for one of these scholarships, students will need to meet a number/all of the criteria below and have supporting documentation to accompany their application:

  • Sit the Academic Assessment Services scholarship exam at TAS and have achieved a result above the threshold determined by our independent Scholarship and Bursary Committee
  • Evidence of solid NAPLAN averages
  • Display evidence of leadership in school, at sport or in the community in which they live
  • Display evidence of contribution to sport at a representative level
  • Display evidence of community or school Service
  • Display evidence of participation and contribution to the Creative arts including music
  • High overall interview performance
  • Would contribute significantly and add to the overall life of the school

The TAS All Rounder scholarship allocation process is not based on a financial needs assessment and provides 30% of tuition annually. It is a scholarship that is applicable from Year 7 to 12 assuming all enrolment conditions are met. It is only for students not currently enrolled at TAS.