TAS Foundation Regional Boarding Scholarships

For boarding students entering Years 7 to 11

These scholarships are available to families who principally reside in north and northwest NSW. They are awarded to students who display good character and perceived potential. The ability to contribute positively to the general life of the school and to embrace opportunities is seen as a valuable attribute.

Regional Boarding Scholarships take into account the interests and achievements of the applicant. It is not necessary to sit an examination.

The documentation provided as part of the enrolment process will be used as supporting documentation for the application, along with an interview with the Head of School or his representative.

Financial Need Statement

The applicant’s family is required to demonstrate some financial need for assistance through the completion of the TAS Fees Assistance Application Form. A TAS Foundation Regional Boarding Scholarship or a TAS Headmaster’s All-Rounder Scholarship will cover partial fee remission, however will not exceed 50% of tuition for a day student, or 50% of combined tuition and boarding in the case of a boarder.

The amount of the scholarship remission will be at the discretion of the Head of School and the TAS Scholarship and Bursary Committee.

For further information, please contact TAS Enrolments Registrar, Mrs Jo Neilson on (02) 6776 5824, mobile 0425 222 317 or email [email protected] 

To request an application form please use the form provided below and indicate which Scholarship that you are interested in by selecting the relevant dropdown box.