Hawkesbury Canoe Classic


The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic (HCC) is considered one of the great canoeing challenges in Australia. It is a 111km overnight paddle from Windsor to Brooklyn Bridge is a key fundraiser for the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation, which assists in Leukemia research.

Since 1981 a contingent of paddlers from The Armidale School has participated each year in the Classic. It is held during the last full weekend in October and students begin training for the event during Term 3. NEGS and PLC students also participate in the Classic and these three Armidale schools are the only NSW schools to compete in the event.

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is one of the events that students use to achieve the prestigious TAS Triple Crown.

It is possible to complete the Classic in pairs – with a friend, a brother or sister, a student from other schools including NEGS and PLC, a parent or any other person you would like to select. The only condition for junior entrants is that they must be 15 years or over before the date of that year’s event. TAS kayaks are used for training or a family may supply their own. The school asks that all entrants have completed a night paddle as part of their preparation.

This event requires a land crew of parents or other adults who can assist paddlers throughout the event. The land crew ensure that paddlers are catered for with nourishment, warm dry clothes and, most importantly, encouragement at each of the key waypoints during the Classic.

Students are asked to submit expressions of interest at the end of Term 2. Training dates and other fixtures are then announced by the HCC MIC. Registration for the event is done by participants directly to the HCC organisers, via their portal: https://www.canoeclassic.net/. Keep in mind that the HCC is a fundraising event at heart and students will need to meet a minimum fundraising target to successfully participate.

As a guide, the approximate costs of participating in 2020 can be found by selecting this link Approximate HCC Costs 2020

For more details contact the HCC MIC Mr Alasdair Hey or by selecting the HCC General Information Sheet to use as a guide.

Additional information can be found by visiting the official Hawkesbury Canoe Classic website.