What time do I come to school?
Come to school at 8:30 ready for roll call just as you do every day.

Where will we be based?
We will be in Upper and Lower Cash for most of the week.

What do I wear?
You can wear casuals all week.

What do I need to bring?
Bring your lap top, pencil case and a blank note book.

Do I need to bring lunch?
We will be based at school so lunch will be provided in the Dining Hall as usual for students who eat there, or for students who prefer to bring their lunch from home then that is fine.

What time does it finish?
We will be finished at 3:30 every day.

What staff are involved?
Mr Murray, Mr Whalley, Ms Roobol, Ms Channon, Mr Hughes, Ms Harrison, Mr Nexo, Ms Hudson, Mr Shortt,
Mr Ross, Ms Mort

Who do I ask if I have a question?
Ms Cressida Mort