Community Service

“Non nobis solum nati sumus. Not for ourselves alone are we born.” - Cicero

The aim of the community service programme at TAS is to introduce into the lives of all students the importance of developing civic values through volunteering and serving your community. Examples of service include, volunteering in our local Armidale community or by assisting with School based activities such as performances in the Hoskins’ Centre with lighting and sound, as a musicians in one of the extraordinary TAS music ensembles or by leading the Forensic Science Camp.

National projects such as Clean Up Australia, the Red Shield Appeal and the Arrow Foundation Hawkesbury Canoe Classic; raising money for cancer research, are annually supported by TAS students, staff and the wider TAS community.

Service is one of the five pillars of Round Square and students are increasingly becoming involved in International service projects either as part of a Round Square exchange or conference.

Students can also become involved in school international service programs, such as, the  Year 8 service program to Fiji or the Year 10 and 11 program to Thailand. Students are expected to aim to complete 20 hours of community service each year, which is recorded as part of their overall school achievement on their semester report.