Thailand Service Trip 2020

“Thailand changes you. It will entirely change the way you perceive the world you live in, and how you live. You will develop life long memories with the children and also those who work around you. It’s truly amazing.”  - Henry Coldham (TAS Student)

Sunday 27 September to Tuesday 6 October, 2020 – Open to year 10 and 11 students

During the past ten years, the Thailand service trip has offered help and hope to those less fortunate, and a sense of purpose and meaning to those who have found it a privilege to attend.

There is no doubt that as a service trip, there will be plenty of giving at both the McKean Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre and the Agape AIDS Orphanage – physically, as we undertake important work to improve these places for their residents, and emotionally, as we build relationships and take time to offer friendship, understanding and support.


Our students often find the trip a transformative experience that energises them with a new sense of compassion, gratitude and perspective:

The world that has been revealed to us isn’t the minority in the world, it is the vast majority. We we’re expecting to help and change the orphanage. While we did make a difference the biggest change was within us. These experiences of unconditional love and selfless sacrifice changed all who went on this trip and shows how far human kindness can reach into the lives of others. I encourage all who are contemplating going on this trip to go and experience this eye opening adventure.”  – Charlie Wyatt (TAS Student)

For additional information about this service project please contact:

The service trip is a combined trip with PLC.  TAS students can contact Mr Richard Newton, TAS  Chaplain by email or mobile on 0429 157 905 or contact TAS Reception on 6776 5800. PLC Students can contact Ms Jennifer Leahy, PLC Chaplain to find out more.