Diverse Learning

The emphasis of the Diverse Learning Department, at all levels of the school, is to eliminate barriers to learning. This enables students who benefit from different ways of learning to succeed, relative to their potential. 

At TAS we endeavour to include every student in classroom activities and to design outcomes so they are accessible to all. The Diverse Learning Department in the Junior School assesses students in the early stages of their education. Then, should it be required, immediate intervention is instigated. This contributes towards creating an environment for success in literacy and numeracy.
In the Middle and Senior schools support is also provided across the curriculum in order that skills be further developed and maintained. It is important to us that our students develop, not only skills, but confidence and self-esteem. The Diverse Learning Department, like all areas of the school, contributes to this. Our philosophy is not to focus on what a student cannot do but rather on what they can.