How to apply

The Camp is designed for talented and motivated science students who are in Year 8.

Every year we receive more applications than there are places at the Forensic Camp. This pleases us because we can see that the Camp is widely recognised for what it is, the premier extension vehicle for able junior secondary students. But it places us in the odious position of having to accept and reject among the applicants, please do not feel discouraged to not apply. We can only base our decisions on the information that the applicants provide us, however the earlier the better.

If the Camp looks interesting to you, read the information contained in this website until you are sure that you understand what it is about.

When you have done this and if you have decided you have what it takes to attend the Forensic Camp then it’s time to do something about it.

Please note: The Camp is designed for talented and motivated science students who are in Year 8.

Dates: The 2020 Camp starts on Tuesday 7 July 2020 and finishes on Saturday 11 July 2020.

Applying as in individual camper

Learning to work with people you have never met is one of the best parts of FSC, and is one of the aspects that previous campers talk about as the most memorable. If allows you to develop interpersonal skills and, in many cases, make wonderful new friendships. If you apply to attend the camp as an individual camper, we will place you with a group of students that we believe you will work well with.

Applying as a school-based team

You have the option of working with a team of students from your school (minimum 3, maximum 4 people). If you wish to apply as a school-based team then:

  1. Each student needs to apply individually by following the instructions below.
  2. In their application email, each student needs to list the names of the other students that they are going to work with.

What we would like you to send us?

  1. (A) “Why you want to come” essay (mandatory)

We want to know whether you are genuinely keen to be at the Camp. Some may apply because their friend has applied or their parents want them to. We also want to know if you can express yourself clearly and logically in writing, so we ask all applicants to write about 200 words telling us why you want to come to the Camp.

  1. (B) Your “academic credentials” summary (mandatory)

We want to know if you have the qualities that will allow you to benefit from the Camp. How well you perform at school can be an important indicator, so we would like you to provide a summary of information related to your academic performance (under academic we include creative arts and extra-curricular activities). This may include:

  1. (a) Information about your current school – name, size and a brief description
  2. (b) The classes you are in and approximately where you rank in that class
  3. (c) Your results in any of the state wide or national competitions
  4. (d) Any other achievement that might be relevant, eg debating team, drama productions.

(C) School support statement (desirable but not mandatory)

  1. The camp management values the input of school teachers who have specific knowledge of their students and we trust a teacher’s judgement that the applicant has the qualities that will allow him/her to benefit from the Camp. We are also aware that many campers (eg those doing home schooling) do not apply through a school, so we cannot make a supporting note from a school obligatory.
  2. We ask that a supporting teacher emails us a short note of support for the applicant at [email protected] If a number of students from the same school are applying, it would be economical of the teacher’s time if the one letter covered all of the applicants.

(D) Please forward the following contact information:

  1. (a) Your details: full name, contact phone number, postal address, email address and gender
  2. (b) Contact details for a parent/guardian: name, postal address, contact phone number and email address
  3. (c) Your school details: name of school, postal address, phone number

When you are ready to send through your application

1.Email your application (ie the, ‘Why I want to come to the Camp’ essay and the ‘Academic Performance’ summary) to us ([email protected]). We will be sending you emails from time to time in the period before the Camp so if your application is being sent from a computer that you don’t generally use, please include your preferred email address in the text of your email. When we receive your application we will send you an email acknowledging its receipt. If you don’t get this within a week please contact us.

2. It is important that you name the attached documents so that we are able to find them among the 450-odd documents from other applicants, so ensure that your own surname is in the document name as shown below. The subject of the email must be named as shown in the example below (but only of course if your name is Brown!)

What happens after my application has been received?

1. All applications will be assessed in the order that they are received.

2. If the Camp Management forms the view that the applicant does have the qualities that will allow him/her to benefit from the Camp, the application will be accepted and an Application Acceptance Email will be sent.

3. If insufficient information has been provided or if the Camp Management believes that the applicant has not presented him/her self as well as he/she could have, an email will be sent suggesting that the applicant may like to resubmit the application which then goes to the back of the queue.

4. If, on the basis of the information provided or the manner of presentation, the Camp Management believes that the applicant is unlikely to benefit from the Camp, an email will be promptly sent notifying the rejection of the application.

What happens after my application has been accepted?

1. Attached to your Acceptance Email will be a link to a form that we will use to collect all of the information that we need to have to run the Camp (personal details, medical details, travel details, etc). Please enter all of the required information without delay your information will be submitted when you finish the form.

2. Please send the payment of the Camp fees within fourteen (14) days of the dispatch of the Acceptance Email. Your place at the Camp will be held for this period. If this proves difficult, please contact Ms Alice Hudson to discuss available options ([email protected] or (02) 6776 5800). Payment options include sending payment by cheque or paying by credit card.

3. An information package is sent to all successful applicants closer to the camp. As the camp requires a minimum number of attendees to run, we recommend that all campers hold off booking any travel arrangements until we notify all successful campers that we have sufficient numbers for the camp to proceed.