TAS Forensic Science Camp

Have you ever solved a crime?

I don’t mean a ‘who left the towel on the bathroom floor’ type of crime. I mean a real crime – like a murder, a fraud, a break and enter – something that would demand your total focus, the cooperative assistance of like-minded colleagues, the resources of a National Police Force and access to the nation’s forensic science labs.

No? I didn’t think so. They don’t tend to trust kids with that sort of thing.

But I bet you’ve often thought that you could do it. Everyone has. Much of our literature and most of our movies and TV series are concerned with ‘whodunits’. They draw us all in. They are often intriguing and exciting but they all cast you in the role of spectator. You watch someone else solving the crime or prosecuting or defending the accused in court. It’s not quite the same as being in the middle of the action yourself.

We can put you right in the middle of the action for 5 exhilarating days in a crime-solving situation that is so realistic that you will forget that it’s only a game. You will be a detective, you will interview witnesses, you will order medical and scientific tests, you will search the criminal databases, you will test the physical evidence yourself in the laboratory. You will request search warrants. You and your colleagues will sift through the evidence, pursue ‘red herrings’, argue your point of view, and when and if you crack the case you will make a formal application backed by solid evidence to convince a Judge that your suspect should stand trial.

These could be the five most exciting, agonising, stimulating, frustrating and intellectually invigorating days of your life. Have you the courage to come? You won’t be disappointed. Do you dare to stay away?