At TAS, we see education as more than the pursuit of academic achievement alone, it is about the training and skill development needed for life.

The firm belief that academic endeavour must be balanced with activities outside the classroom is a philosophy that is embedded in the culture of the school.

The co-curricular offering is broad and engaging, with all students required to participate in opportunities offered in sport, drama and creative arts, public speaking and debating, and a range of student clubs such as chess, photography, film making, and electronics. This active participation challenges our boys and girls to be creative and expressive, to build resilience, courage and organisation and leadership skills.

The involvement of both academic and non-academic staff in coaching and tuition builds strong pastoral ties with every student. Further, student leadership in co-curricular activities promotes initiative, leadership and personal growth. Our close partnerships with external sporting, music, drama and other organisations gives students wishing to extend their skills and talents, greater opportunity to do so.

TAS will continue to work closely with its community of local, regional and GPS schools to further enhance our comprehensive co-curricular program. Our co-curricular pursuits are the natural heartland of our school spirit where supporting each other’s efforts galvanizes pride and a sense of belonging for every student, uniting our school community.