Leadership, Service and Adventure

TAS believes that developing the heart and mind together contributes to self-confidence and resilience, promoting academic achievement and character development.

In our Leadership, Service and Adventure programs, students are challenged to extend themselves and their expectations of what they can achieve. The diversity of the programs encourages students to draw out their natural curiosity, creativity, tenacity and compassion.

This reflects the philosophy of Round Square, an organisation of schools from around the world that share a philosophy of personal growth through international understanding, student involvement in decision making, stewardship of the environment, adventure, leadership and service to others.

TAS makes no apology for ensuring that all students, from Junior School onwards, engage in programs that will engage and inspire them to go beyond their expectations. In Years 6 and 7 students have an introduction to the great outdoors. Students develop outdoor education skills and are challenged with a range of skills including abseiling and rock climbing. Many of the elements in this program provide them with a sound introduction to Cadets (Years 8-10).

Year 11 students may elect to continue in Cadets in senior leadership roles, or choose either Surf Lifesaving, in which they achieve their Surf Bronze Medallion, or gain fire fighting skills and accreditation through the TAS Rural Fire Service program.

TAS is renowned for our adventure and expedition opportunities, the Tour de Rocks, 2km Coffs Ocean Swim, Anya’s Wish 19km fun run and the TAS 4-hour event all form part of the coveted Triple Crown. Each of these events has a service component, engaging students with those less fortunate than themselves. 

Other service programs include partnerships with the neighbouring Minimbah Aboriginal Primary School, Landcare, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul as well as weekly cooking for the homeless and pilgrimages to St Christopher’s Orphanage in Fiji (Year 8 students).

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