TAS has its foundations firmly embedded in our Anglican faith. This is expressed through relationships based on mutual respect and responsibility.

TAS uses its size to create a pastoral care advantage as the whole school community is focused on a culture of connectedness that is valued by all. The Director of Pastoral Care leads the development of our holistic wellbeing programs throughout the school.

This role includes co-ordinating with the School Counsellor, Homeroom teachers, Advisors, and the Chaplain. The principles of Positive Psychology and Restorative Justice are integral to how we value our relationships, enhancing resilience, a sense of wellbeing, optimism, hope and meaning in staff and students alike.

Underpinning this is the TAS Advisor system, whereby four times a week, students in Middle and Senior School meet with their Advisors in an informal setting that fosters empathy, understanding and support.

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