Junior School Music

In TAS Junior School there are a range of vocal and instrumental ensembles available to students of varying levels of musical experience and skill.

Our ensemble program is designed so that TAS students who wish to play or sing in an ensemble have a variety of options and can therefore pursue their own interests.  TAS has a rich performing arts program and many of our students elect to undertake private tuition on an instrument of their choice.  Additionally, making music in ensembles entails cooperating with others, listening to others and working harmoniously towards the goal of a performance. We encourage students undertaking instrumental tuition at the school to join one or more of the school’s ensembles.

TAS Wind Ensemble

The TAS Wind Ensemble caters for students of all ages with at least 12 months experience on their instrument. The ensemble includes woodwind, brass and percussion instruments and also may contain guitarists and string bass players. The Wind Ensemble is an essential stepping stone for entry into TAS Big Band. Wind Ensemble repertoire is primarily popular with some traditional arrangements for educational and performance purposes. All students that take part in this ensemble are required to undertake tuition outside rehearsals.

TAS Guitar Band

The TAS Guitar Band offers guitarists the opportunity to regularly play in a band together and learn the musical skills associated with playing in an ensemble. It is open to any student currently learning guitar or to any student who has learnt guitar long enough to demonstrate basic guitar skills (as determined by the conductor). The goal of the TAS Guitar Band is to rehearse and perform a range of guitar repertoire for a variety of performance events during the year. This includes both classical and contemporary styles. Other instrument types including voice, woodwind and percussion are included from time to time depending on the demands of the chosen repertoire.

Chapel Choir

Functioning as one of the School’s flagship ensembles, Chapel Choir sings during services and ceremonies at TAS. The repertoire for Chapel Choir is taken from a wide range of modern and traditional liturgies. Chapel Choir is a non-selective ensemble that is open to all students. Young students are particularly encouraged to sing treble parts and solos during services.

K-2 and 3-5 Choirs

All students from years K-5 take part in a 45 minute choral session each week during class time. The primary objective of the K-2 and 3-5 Choirs is to provide students with an opportunity to sing as a group, in an enjoyable and rewarding setting while learning about musical concepts and performance strategies. A wide range of repertoire is sung including folk songs, children’s songs, classical pieces and popular works.

The Junior School vocal program is integrated into the classroom curriculum.

TAS Trebles

This non-selective ensemble is open to students with unchanged voices who are interested in extending and enriching their vocal skills. The concepts explored in TAS Trebles build on Years 3-5 choral experiences. A wide range of repertoire is sung including folk songs, children’s songs, classical pieces, and popular works.