Pre-Kindergarten is a specialist program which gives four year old girls and boys an introduction to, and foundation for, their future learning. At TAS we have a saying that every child has the opportunity to experience, explore and excel. This philosophy starts in Pre-Kindergarten where specialist programs increases children’s curiosity, observation and awareness. It helps them grow in confidence, acquire knowledge, and develop learning concepts, and sets them up for a lifetime of learning.

TAS Pre-Kindergarten is a five day a week program, Monday to Friday. Each day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.20pm. Our teachers are fully qualified in early childhood education and have a breadth of experience engaging and inspiring children from early years through to late primary.

As an integral part of the TAS Junior School, the The Pre-Kindergarten class program is designed to help girls and boys develop their approaches to learning (ATLs) in several areas: thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills, self-management skills and physical skills (through Gymbaroo and Learn to Swim classes in the heated TAS pool).

Activities are programmed in such a way to introduce children to routine and structure, but not inhibit their learning and fun. They go on excursions, join Junior School for library and other activities.

And even when they play, they are learning to concentrate, explore, plan, share, and solve problems.

They may call it fun, but it’s all about our girls and boys developing gross motor, fine motor and creative skills, and emotional, social and physical wellbeing, so they can become independent and co-operative thinkers.

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