Boarding Academic Program

In recent years our top academic results of ATARs in the high 90s have been achieved by boarders who took advantage of the full program of academic support available to them.

Being a boarder allows easier access to the school’s additional academic support programs such as HSC tutoring, study weekends and study camps. This is possible in a boarding environment like ours where our Boarding Heads of  House are also experienced teachers within the school.

Each boarder is well known, their academic potential understood and appropriate goals are set and achievable and communicated with parents. We have strived hard to ensure that boarding provides a level of academic advantage that is only possible from being in close contact with peers after hours, allowing a more collaborative approach to learning.

The availability of senior staff in boarding houses to assist with homework and to work with individual’s academic concerns is extended to all year levels. Each night our students are supported in guided homework sessions (called ‘prep’) in the boarding houses or classrooms. Close communication between the classroom teachers and boarding house staff ensures that our nightly supportive homework sessions are meeting the expectations of the both the teacher and the student.

We are proud of the programs that exist in our boarding houses to assist our students in maximising their potential in the classroom and to feel success in their academic life at TAS.