Life as an international Student

From Britain, the Middle East and Asia to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, students from around the world have been immersing themselves into life at TAS for more than 60 years.

A regional school with a global outlook, TAS welcomes international students and makes every effort to ensure they become fully integrated into the school community. This ensures that they are well equipped to explore and experience the life of the school and more broadly, Australia. Most of our international students in recent years have come from Hong Kong, South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam. The main intakes are at the start of the school year in late January, or at the start of Semester 2 in July.

Our overseas students are provided with in class support where they mix with Australian students not only in class work, but also in activities as part of the academic, cultural, sporting and social life of the school.

International students are under the guardianship of their boarding Heads of House, who will ensure the provision of a safe and caring environment for them in which students can realise their full potential. Other staff members who support Heads of House in this role include the Director of Studies, Overseas Student Registrar, Director of Pastoral Care, School Counsellor, and School Chaplain.

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