Middle School Academic Program

The Middle School academic program is an introduction to senior school life. The academic focus is real but needs to be relevant and challenging for all students from the very beginning of their time at TAS.

The Middle School homeroom structure allows and encourages the focus on the individual student within the wider context of their TAS experience. Furthermore, the consistency of the homeroom enables a level of independence that is appropriate to their stage of development.

We ensure that students are knowledgeable about the scope of their learning for the entire year so that they are able to see how individual components contribute to the whole.

Goal setting, time management and a variety of assessment tasks combined with homework sessions promote the development of a specific set of study skills over their time in the Middle School.

To ensure the best possible academic outcomes, texts and topics for the wider humanities are carefully selected with a view to being relevant to this age group.

The Middle School years ensure the necessary academic and social grounding for the successful management of senior school life.