Middle School Wellbeing

Middle School puts pastoral care front and centre of all that we do.

Early adolescence is a time when students are beginning to explore their own sense of self, and the emphasis on our wellbeing programs should be on the person as we seek to develop them morally, socially, and emotionally, as much as intellectually and physically.

At this stage of development, boys and girls are beginning to question their world – and need to be given the opportunity to do just that. A hallmark of that developing maturity is the capacity to accept others for who they are without having to agree with their views.
In looking after students and managing their needs and interests as individuals, we are allowing them to achieve a ‘personal best’ in all that they do, but in a non-selective setting.

In Middle School, we particularly do this through Advisor time – four sessions a week where Home Room teachers, engage with students in programs that promote wellbeing. If the whole person is positive, then the part of him or her that is a pupil, will be better able look after him or her self. Good advisors have the capacity to be amazing listeners and are sensitive to students’ individual needs and interests.

Our Advisor program is part of our overall welling philosophy, which is built on the core values of respect and responsibility. The principles of Positive Education enhance the sense of meaning and hope in students and staff alike, while behaviour management practices are built on the foundations of Restorative Justice, aiming for equity, fairness and responsibility in all circumstances.

More information on Positive Education and Restorative Justice can be found here.