Senior School

TAS is a non-selective co-educational school, but one that has a reputation for academic strength and the active pursuit of academic achievement by its students.

However it is fundamental to the belief of the school that these desired academic outcomes are achieved without compromising participation in a broad and deep co-curricular program.

With a belief that education is training for life, Senior School is a place where educational experiences nourish the spirit and develop character, helping boys and girls become the young men and women they want to be.

Senior School at TAS is about managing expectations – expectations of achievement, responsibility, and independence- in academia, leadership, sport, outdoor education and the creative and performing arts. These expectations differ for students in Years 9-10 (Stage 5), to those in Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6).

With the support of passionate, motivational and well-qualified staff, students are given the skills they need to manage the expectations placed upon them by themselves, their families and the school.