Year 10

Year 10 students are well placed to make the most of all that life at TAS has to offer. Alongside academic pursuits, students are encouraged to extend themselves in other areas equally important to the development of character and purpose.

By the end of Year 10, students should be well-equipped to take on their preparation for the Higher School Certificate with confidence and commitment, having developed the techniques and scaffolding upon which successful academic outcomes can be achieved. (The School Certificate was abolished in 2011; from 2012 eligible students who leave school before receiving their Higher School Certificate will receive the NSW Record of School Achievement (RoSA)).

In Years 9 and 10 all students at TAS are required to study English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE and PDHPE, with Christian Development and Careers included in Year 10. The core subjects are graded in that they all have an extension class for more able students, chosen on merit, with the remaining two classes mixed. Year 9 and 10 students also study three electives over the two years, which have generally been selected in Year 8 (for boys and girls already at TAS) and in consultation with the Director of Studies based on subjects previously studied (for those commencing TAS in Year 10). During second semester, students will, along with the Director of Studies, the Careers Advisor and in Advisor groups, make selections for the 40-odd subjects on offer for the HSC.

Beyond the classroom, there are many paths to explore. Year 10 students can continue in Cadets (in leadership roles) or choose Pioneers, an outdoor education program with a strong focus on navigation, bushcraft and self-reliance. Sporting opportunities that become available at Year 10 include rowing and, once a boy or girl is 16, the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic, a 111km overnight paddle that along with the 2km Coffs Harbour Ocean Swim and the 14km City to Surf run constitutes a special award called the Triple Crown, earnt through completion of these three endurance events during a students time at TAS.

Year 10 is generally the preferred year for students to explore the culture of another country through a term exchange at one of our many fellow Round Square schools, around the world. It is also prime time for participating in inter-house debating and public speaking, and performing in the school musical. Service remains an intrinsic part of school life.

As boys and girls mature, so too does their relationship with adults. In Year 10 students can choose which member of staff they would like to be their Advisor for the rest of their time at TAS; this rapport is often a deep and personal one that develops into enduring friendship. At the end of the year, the Steps program for Year 10 boys and girls imbues them with training in various life skills, including ironing, cooking, manners and etiquette, budgeting and personal relationships.