Year 9

Ready for greater independence in and out of the classroom, Year 9 students are well placed to make the most of all that life at TAS has to offer. Alongside academic pursuits, students are encouraged to extend themselves in other areas equally important to the development of character and purpose.

Academically, our students begin to take control over their own learning through their choice of subjects leading to the Higher School Certificate and are required to be personally responsible for decisions that will lead to academic achievement and individual growth. Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) learning should be all about developing the techniques and scaffolding upon which successful academic outcomes can be achieved. All students at TAS are required to study English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE and PDHPE in Years 9 and 10. In Year 9, students will also participate in Christian Development. The core subjects are graded in that they all have an extension class for more able students, chosen on merit, with the remaining two classes mixed.

Year 9 and 10 students also study three electives over the two years. A subject information session is held in Year 8, Term 3. Students complete a subject survey form for the school to determine the demand and interest for classes the following year. These are then grouped into different ‘lines’ within which students finalise their elective choices for Year 9.

The Year 9 and 10 Stage 5 Subject Handbook provides a range of information to help students and parents choose courses that suit their needs and interests.

Out of the classroom, Year 9 students continue in Cadets, and in addition, extra opportunities. Why not begin one’s campaign for the Triple Crown, an award for those who complete the 2km Coffs Harbour Ocean Swim, the 14km City to Surf run and the overnight 111km  Hawkesbury Canoe Classic, during their time at TAS.

Year 9 is a great opportunity to experience the thrill of being on stage in the school musical, or as part of an inter-house team in drama or debating. A good time, too, to engage in one of the many service programs on offer, such as weekly visits to Minimbah School, or to SISER/KYCK in Sydney.

From a pastoral care perspective, Year 9 is also when students move out of home room Advisors into smaller, year-specific Advisor groups based on their sporting house. Boarders move into one of the three senior boarding houses (Years 9 to 12), where they enjoy a greater level of responsibility in recognition of their growing independence. Year 9 truly is the beginning of a new journey at TAS.