COVID-19 School Operating Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

TAS is currently operating under Level 3 restrictions for schools as set down by NSW Health.

TAS is monitoring closely and following all guidelines and instructions sent from NSW Health, AIS NSW as well as local authorities to ensure our community is protected. Please read the webpage carefully so you have the latest information sent to parents. If you have any questions or queries, please be in touch with the school via [email protected]


COVID-19 Webpage


Additional COVID -19 Resources

NSW Health – COVID-19:

NSW Health – Regional Restrictions (including Armidale):

Stay Healthy HSC Hub:


Daily Absence
If your child is to be absent from school for any reason, including arriving late or leaving early, please advise the appropriate Administration Assistant (see below), explaining the reason for absence by phone, email, or written note before 10.00 am that day. In addition a written note confirming the circumstances of the absence is required within 7 days.

Sickness in excess of 4 school days requires a doctor’s certificate detailing the nature of sickness and duration of sickness.

Junior School: Phone 6776 5817 or by email

Middle School: Phone 6776 5819 or by email

Senior School: Phone 6776 5800 or by email

More information about absentees and extended leave can be found HERE


Academic Assessment Schedules


2023 Year 12 Assessment Schedule

2022 Stage 5 Elective Assessment Calendar – Semester 2

2022 Year 6 Class Task Schedule – Semester 2

2022 Year 7 Class Task Schedule – Semester 2

2022 Year 8 Assessment Task Schedule – Semester 2

2022 Year 9 Assessment Schedule (Core) – Semester 2

2022 Year 10 Assessment Schedule (Core) – Semester 2


Academic Documents

Academic Appeal Form


Examination Timetables

2022 Year 11 Examination Timetable

TAS Stage 6 Academic Program

(Year 11 and 12)

Subject Lines for Year 11, 2022
Please find attached below the lines for Year 11, 2022. Now that subjects have been placed into these lines, they cannot be moved. Students in Year 10 will receive an email from EDVAL (our timetabling software) to enter their subjects for next year. This needs to be completed by the end of Week 1, Term 4. If students have concerns about their subject choices, they can seek advice from Mr Mark Taylor, Careers Advisor ([email protected]) or the relevant Subject Coordinator. The Director of Studies is available to speak to students from Wednesday 8th September, should they wish to discuss their subjects. This can be arranged by emailing [email protected]

STAGE 6 HANDBOOK 2023 (Web Copy)

Stage 6 Assessment Policy

Year 11 2022 Subject Lines

TAS Stage 5 Academic Electives Program

(Year 9 and 10)

If you were unable to attend the Stage 5 electives information session you can download the Stage 5 Academic Program Handbook below.


Stage 5 Academic Assessment Policy