School Rules and Regulations

All students are expected to read and learn the School Rules.

The School believes that the only discipline of real significance is that which the individual imposes upon oneself. These rules aim to make each student aware of the value of self-control, orderliness and the need to cultivate a sense of responsibility for their own conduct and for the larger community of which they are a part.

1)   Meetings and Obligations

It is the responsibility of each student to keep informed on matters published in “TAS Talks”, the Term Calendar, via email and on the Notice Boards. Every student is expected to use their TAS email account as a means of daily communication. If a boy or girl has conflicting obligations they must see that they are excused beforehand from those they cannot meet.

2)   Dress  Regulations

The School expects its students to wear their full school uniform correctly and with pride and sets high standards for students in public. It is our expectation that uniform and shoes will be clean and in good repair. Boys hair should be combed and of an acceptable length (not over the collar, ears or eyes), with no artificial colouring. Girls hair should be of a natural colour, clean,  well kept and drawn away from the face. Make up is not to be worn to school, other than a very light covering of tinted sunscreen. Girls may wear silver, gold or pearl studs (5mm diameter maximum) with one earring in each lobe. No other jewellery, body adornments, tattoos or piercings are allowed.

During the school day students arriving or departing grounds must wear their blazer and hat unless instructed otherwise. 

The Uniform

Middle and Senior School Students:

(a)  Winter Uniform: The School uniform comprises the striped senior blazer for students in Years 11 and 12, the School blazer for boys in years 6 to 10 plus a white or grey shirt, school tie, grey socks, grey trousers, approved school jumper and black laced shoes with leather uppers of an acceptable design. The grey shirt is to be worn at school while at all formal occasions a white shirt is worn instead of the grey (the latter is referred to as ‘formal uniform’ in Terms 2 and 3.

Years 6-10 girls wear a grey skirt,  TAS long sleeved blouse, black knee high socks or black stockings and navy blazer. For formal occasions the girls wear a white long sleeved blouse and skirt with the school tie, black stockings and navy blazer. Year 11 and 12 girls wear a navy skirt, the white formal blouse, school tie, black knee high socks or black stockings and the striped senior blazer. The navy school jumper may be worn at all times depending on the weather.

(b)    Summer Uniform: Boys are to wear the alternative summer uniform. This comprises khaki shorts and shirt of approved  school pattern, long  socks  of approved  pattern, black  shoes, tie  and  senior (striped)/school blazer. A school jumper may be worn with this uniform.

Girls are to wear school dress, short white socks, black shoes and navy blazer (Years 6-10) or striped senior blazer (Years 11 and 12).  The navy girls jumper may be worn with this dress depending on the weather.

(c)    Boarders travelling dressBoarders travelling to and from the school at vacation times may wear civvies; collared shirt, shorts or trousers with belt, covered shoes. Girls may wear neat casual clothing with appropriate footwear.

(d)    OvercoatsThere is an approved outer garment to be worn in cold or wet weather over a school blazer or over the school jumper at school. This navy blue top coat is an optional garment.

(e)     Non-school uniform: Students will be notified specifically when they are allowed to wear non-school uniform apparel.

(f)      OrnamentsThe wearing of ornaments – rings, bracelets, earrings, etc is not permitted, nor is the wearing of non-school badges on uniform.

(g)     HatsAll day boys (6-12) must wear their Akubra hat to and from school and it is a compulsory item of uniform. Non-regulation hats/caps are not to be worn with school uniform or school sports clothing. All day girls are required to wear the TAS straw hat to and from school or while outside school grounds wearing their school uniform.

NB: BLAZER: Year 11 and 12 wear the striped blazer.  All other years wear the plain blue blazer.  Once a student has honours displayed on the blazer it may be referred to as an ‘honours blazer’.

Sports Dress

TAS sport polo shirt: All boys will have a TAS sport polo shirt. This has the School crest embroidered on it. This should be worn, with TAS blue shorts, when representing the School in external competitions. This includes: tennis, swimming, athletics, touch, volleyball, canoeing, water polo and bench press.

All girls will have a TAS sport polo shirt. This has the School crest embroidered on it. This should be worn, with TAS blue shorts, when representing the School in external competitions. This includes but is not limited to: tennis, swimming, athletics, touch, volleyball, canoeing, water polo and basketball

House polo shirt: For any inter-house sporting activities, including the athletics championships, swimming championships and inter-house cricket competition, each boy or girl will wear his House polo shirt. Additionally, for swimming and athletics, TAS blue shorts are worn.

TAS tracksuit: All boys and girls will have a TAS tracksuit which may be worn at training, at matches and when travelling to and from matches.

TAS All Weather Jacket: Optional and may be worn to training or when travelling to and from sporting events or at matches. This item of clothing is additional to the tracksuit top and is not a replacement for the tracksuit top.

TAS cap: This should be worn for all outdoor summer sports and recreation and, where appropriate, some outdoor winter sports. Non-TAS caps are not permitted. The exception is cricket, where the TAS wide brimmed ‘Chappell’ hat is strongly recommended.

TAS swimming costume: All boys must wear the TAS blue swimmers at the School carnival and when representing TAS at external carnivals. House swimming caps must be worn at the School carnival and TAS swimming caps for external carnivals. Both caps are provided by TAS. All girls must wear the TAS blue swimmers at the School carnival and when representing TAS at external carnivals. House swimming caps must be worn at the School carnival and TAS swimming caps for external carnivals. Both caps are provided by TAS.

PE uniform: TAS sports polo shirt, TAS blue shorts, white socks and predominately white joggers.

Dress for training: This will vary from sport to sport and will be determined by the MIC of each sport in consultation with the Director of Co Curricular.

Dress for matches/competitions:  Students will wear the appropriate TAS sports uniform as determined by the School. As students will be representing TAS, their uniform will be neat and clean and in good order.

When travelling: On sporting trips, all students will travel in School uniform or the appropriate sports uniform or TAS tracksuit as determined by the Director of Co-curricular.

The Wearing of Student Uniform

  • Students’ ties should be worn so that the collar button is done up and does not show
  • Shoes should be polished daily
  • Full school uniform must be worn in public between school and home (day students). This includes blazer and Akubra hat for boys and straw hat for girls.
  • Within the school, blazers do not have to be worn except at formal occasions or Tuesday Assemblies.
  • The school jumper may not be worn outside school as an outer garment.
  • Extremes of hairstyle are not permitted (see dress regulations above)
  • Any jewellery worn must not be visible
  • Each article must be clearly marked with a woven name tag (sewn tags, not iron-on tags. (laundry markers do eventually fade)


There  is  an  expectation  on  all  students  to  accept,  uphold  and  practice  good  manners  and  behaviour appropriate to the occasion. Staff and parents are expected to support the school in this area.

Absence, Illness and Punctuality

  1. All students must be at school on time. If late, the student must sign in the late book in the General Office.
  2. Parents are asked to advise the school if their child is absent by 8.30 am on the day of absence. A written note from a parent explaining the absence MUST be provided to the General Office the day after return.
  3. Should a student be ill during school hours he is to go straight to the School Medical Centre. The sister will then take appropriate action. Boarders must not be in the Boarding House if they are ill.
  4. Should a parent require a child to keep a special appointment that would interfere with school work or activity a written request to the Deputy Headmaster is required (via email). The leave book in the general office must then be signed upon departure and return.
  5. In any case of infectious disease or contact with infectious disease the school must be notified immediately and the student shall not return to school until the School Sister informs the Headmaster that there is no risk of spreading infection.
  6. Pupils are expected to attend school for the full period of the term. An Application for Exemption from Attendance MUST be completed by a parent and permission given prior to the leave being taken. This form should be directed to the Deputy Headmaster on dh[email protected] for appvoal.
  7. Should a student be unable to meet sporting obligations for a match for which he or she has been selected they are to seek leave from the coach concerned, giving as much notice as possible so a replacement can be found.
  8. No pupil may leave the school grounds during school hours without the specific authority of the Deputy Headmaster. In all cases these movements must be recorded in the ‘Sign Out Book” at the General Office


  1. Sensible behaviour is expected within and around buildings and on the sporting field at all times.
  2. Physical behaviour between students will not be tolerated and may result in suspension.
  3. Students are not to enter laboratories, language rooms, the F2 rooms, the Technics and music rooms until invited to do so by teachers
  4. No missile of any kind may be thrown or projected
  5. The riding of bicycles or skateboards is prohibited in the Lawrance Quadrangle and along the front drive. Students riding bicycles must wear an approved bicycle helmet.
  6. No knives, explosives or dangerous materials may be brought into the school or boarding houses
  7. No student should have liquid paper in their possession
  8. Students may not interfere with electric wires or fittings in school or boarding houses
  9. Students may not retain live ammunition or firearms.
  10. Students are forbidden to interfere with fire safety equipment. An automatic fine will be imposed if this occurs.
  11. Aerosol cans of any type, particularly deodorants are not permitted because of the fire detection equipment. Any misuse will result in a substantial fine to the student responsible.

Motor Vehicles

  1. A day student may drive to school provided he/she and their parents have provided the ‘Permission to Drive to School’ form in duplicate, available from Front Office or the school website. Students are to park in Douglas St or Mann St only. The vehicle is not to be used between the commencement of the school day and 3.30 pm (unless permission has been sought for Late Arrival/Early Leave in the case of Year 12 students). The vehicle is not to be brought on to school property.
  2. Students are forbidden to drive other students in their cars without the written permission of parents of the passenger, which should then be submitted to the Deputy Headmaster.
  3. Boarders are not to have the use of a motor vehicle in Armidale unless parents have presented a case for good cause and the Deputy Head of House has approved. A separate Boarders Drivers form is available from Front Office and the website.

No L or P plater drivers of any age are permitted to drive a vehicle into the school grounds.


  1. No taxi is to be ordered from the school by pupils without the authority of either the Head of House, Front Office or the Sportsmaster who will sign a Taxicharge docket.
  2. The taxi company has been instructed that no other form but the school Taxicharge is to be accepted.
  3. Students may not smoke nor may they bring such materials into the school.

Smoking, Drinking, Drugs

  1. Students may not bring alcohol into the school, nor have it on their possession, nor consume it. It is state law that alcohol may not be purchased by anyone under 18 years of age.
  2. Psychoactive drugs (depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens) are forbidden. The school will take disciplinary action concerning any individual within its jurisdiction who sells, helps obtain, possesses, consumes or is under the influence of any of these.
  3. Prescribed medicines must be left with Sister in the Medical Centre.

Leave Exeats

  1. General:    Exeats are required for all leave except short leave, eg to corner shop in Mann Street. Permission for these comes from the Master on Duty (Boarders).
  2. Exeats: parents are asked to supply a visitors’ list to the Head of House. This list may be altered at the parents’ discretion. If a student wishes to go on exeat he or she fills in the exeat form and if the name of the host is on the visitors’ list no further action need be taken by parents. An email or telephone call must be received from the host before permission is granted by the Head of House. In the case where the host is not on the visitors’ list, contact will be made by parents as well as by the host in order to cover any eventuality. All exeats should be completed by breakfast on Thursday morning. Students handing in late exeats may not gain approval for leave. (Boarders)
  3.  Leave for Tea: Should parents wish to take their child (boarder) to a local restaurant for a meal, Head of House should be contacted at the earliest opportunity.
  4.  Appointment Leave: Where possible all dental and similar appointments should be made during holiday time. Leave from school will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. The School Sisters are to organise any medical appointments for boarders in term time.
  5. Weekend and Overnight Leave: Leave may be taken on Friday afternoon but must be after school commitments have been met. Students should return by 8.00 pm Sunday but on request students may be allowed to return to school by 8.20 am Monday. Weekend leave is to be regarded as a privilege, not as a right (Boarders).
  6. House Visiting: students in one House may not visit students in another House unless permission has been obtained from the MOD in each House. Day students must have permission from a boarding Head of House to visit students in his House. (Boarders / Day Students).

 Computers and Technology

Please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures for Students for the rights and responsibilities of students using technology at TAS.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are only to be used at times when a student would expect to be able to use a school phone (ie. Recess, lunch time and after school). Therefore, they should not be used at times such as prep, in class, assembly, chapel, concerts and the like. At these times, phones should be switched off. Phones will be collected at entry to exams or tests and returned at the completion of same.

The School’s bullying and harassment policy applies to the use of mobile phones. The use of voice, data, photo facility or email messaging to bully, harass or offend another person will be considered a serious school offence and falls within the school’s general protocols on bullying.

Boarders may use their phones in accordance with the rules of each boarding house.

Personal  Property

Students are responsible for their own personal property. Theft of others’ property will be punished severely.