COVID-19 Information for Parents

COVID-19 School Operating Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

The information below will be updated regularly with the latest news relevant to TAS parents and their children. We will also be sending information through TAS Talks and direct emails as necessary. However, keep checking on this page for the latest updates.

COVID-19 Update – 27 October, 2021

Given the cases in Armidale this week, we ask that all parents monitor NSW Health advice on exposure sites to determine whether they have been exposed to the virus. This information can be found at the Hunter New England Health site here on the link

The process of contact tracing identifies people who are either ‘close’ or ‘casual’ contacts with an infected person. A ‘close contact’ is someone who has had direct exposure to a COVID-19 infected person and any close contacts would have to immediately isolate at home for a period of time determined by NSW Health and be there until they have a negative COVID-19 test. The risk of infection is reduced if masks are worn, if there is social distancing and ventilation (such as being outdoors) and if one or both people have been vaccinated.

A ‘casual contact’ is someone who has been within two (2) metres of person with the virus, this could mean being in the same room but not necessarily talking to them. Casual contact usually requires isolation only until a negative COVID-19 test has been received.

If you or your child are identified as being a close or casual contact, please inform the school immediately on [email protected]

It is very important that if anyone in your household has flu like symptoms they get a COVID test and stay at home. Students should not return to school until they have had a negative result and all symptoms have cleared. For more information on the School’s approach to managing COVID-19, please see the information on the Parent Portal by clicking here

As you know, restrictions around school operations are different to those that exist currently in NSW. In order to protect young students who have not yet had access to vaccination, Year 12 HSC students and school staff, NSW Health and AISNSW have issued Level 3 Guidelines for Schools that are likely not to be changed until the HSC exams are over. These guidelines are in addition to the legal requirements set out in the current Public Health Order. Our current rules include the following:


  • Students from Years 6 – 12 and all staff must wear masks indoors
  • Junior School students are recommended to wear masks while indoors
  • Year groups are separated from each other where possible to create year group bubbles
  • No parents or external visitors are allowed on the school campus – even when double vaccinated
  • No school assemblies – these will continue to be live streamed
  • No singing or chanting
  • Social distancing, hand hygiene are crucial and must be practiced throughout the day

It is our shared goal to minimise the chances of a positive COVID-19 at TAS, and the potential impact of a case if it does occur. For this reason, we advise that you remain vigilant and if you have not yet had a vaccination, please consider doing this for your own safety and for that of others. For information about where and how to get vaccinated, please use this link

If there is a case of COVID-19 at TAS, we will alert parents immediately and take all necessary action to ensure our students and staff are back on site as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

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Level 3 COVIDSafe Restrictions

  • Non-essential visitors are not permitted on-site, including parents
  • Masks or face coverings are required in all indoor settings for all staff and students in Year 6 and above
  • Masks are not mandatory for students and staff in outdoor settings but are recommended
  • Students in Junior School are not required to wear masks but it is recommended
  • Each classroom space has cleaning products. Desks and high-touch surfaces will be wiped down regularly
  • Extra cleaning will take place in bathrooms
  • Rooms will be well ventilated with windows/doors open wherever possible
  • Wherever possible year groups will have allocated classrooms, bathrooms, playground areas, and recess/lunch locations or times for boarders
  • Students will wear PE clothes all day if they have double PE. No students will be changing during the school day
  • The Dining Hall will only be open for boarders
  • The Hub is off-limits for all students other than Year 11. Information will come out regarding accessing library books and IT support
  • Advisor groups will occur outside and be distanced from one another, whenever possible
  • Chapel will occur in the year group allocated rooms based on their English classes
  • The Canteen will be open for students and staff but accessed only from the external window. There will be spots marked on the ground to indicate required social distancing
  • From 8 November, all school staff are required to present evidence of double vaccination status or a medical contraindication certificate
  • All adults on site must sign in each day using the QR code
  • Staff or students must not attend school if they are sick
  • Parents are not allowed on site
  • Dance/drama permitted within classes in outdoor spaces

The following activities are not permitted:

  • No singing/chanting/group repetition/choirs
  • No bands or ensembles
  • No emergency drills
  • No interschool activities
  • No excursions
  • No school performances, productions or concerts ie. Gatherings beyond a class size
  • No community events on-site including after school hours.


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Term 4 Events

Further details will be sent out closer to the time.

  • Prefect Induction – Week 2 Assembly. Live-streamed to parents.
  • Year 12 Sport and House dinners (off-site) – occurring throughout Weeks 1 to 4.
  • Valedictory – 28 and 29 October. Live-streamed to parents.
  • Bivouac – cancelled.
  • Activities Week – moved to the first three days of Week 9. Details TBC.
  • Year 6 2022 Orientation – tbc
  • Year 9 2022 Orientation – tbc
  • Year 8 Farewell from Middle School – tbc
  • Middle School Final Assembly and Speech Days – tbc

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Contacting the School about COVID-19

Updates to plans for upcoming TAS events will be posted here as decisions are made.
Please note the following:

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the team at [email protected] and your query will be answered as swiftly as possible.


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