FAQ – TAS 4 Hour


Given the current COVID climate, the City2Surf is unlikely to go ahead in 2021. As well as the signature event for the Triple Crown, the City2Surf is a major fundraiser for charities supported by the TAS community. This alone highlights the important role played by such events, an opportunity we do not wish to lose.

Which Charities are being supported?

As in 2019, TAS will again run for the ‘Guns out for Tombsy’, Foundation in recognition of TAS OA (1985) Richard Tombs who suffered a serious spinal injury and is still going through rehabilitation. We will also run for the late Anya Zuber (big sister of Alexander, current Year 11) and the late Peta Kerr (little sister of Lettie, current Year 11). The charity is “Anya’s Wish” (funding research into children’s cancer) and I cannot think of anything more appropriate than supporting those in our immediate community. I am grateful for the courage demonstrated by Lettie and Alexander in Assembly this week, launching the TAS 4hr. They are amazing young people.

How will it work?

  • 4:40pm                        Students/Staff/Parents meet in the TAS Gym.
  • 4:50pm                        Welcome to the event by Dr Rachel Horton (Principal)
  • 5:00pm                        5.9km, 13 laps, lane 8
  • 6:00pm                        5.2km, 12 laps, lane 6
  • 7:00pm                        4.1km, 10 laps, lane 3
  • 8:00pm                        4km, 10 laps, lane 1

Why is it 19.2km?

One of the charity’s we are supporting is “Anya’s Wish”. Anya Zuber was only 19 years old when she passed away, hence the “19 for 19”.

Where are we running?

The event is being held at TAS, on Wakefield Oval (see attached map).

Is it a race?

No, its always about the “journey”. However, you must complete the entire 19km in order to qualify for the Triple Crown.

Do I have to run the whole way?

No, you can run, walk, old man jog, whatever you like. You must though, finished the program distance within the hour.

What about the Junior School?

Yes, we want you! Junior School students will participate for the first 2 hours. For those in Years 3-5, this event will go towards your Compass Award for 2021.

What about Parents and TAS Community Members?

YESSSSSSS, everyone is both welcome and encouraged to join in.

I really want to join in, but 19km is too far for me!

 Not a challenge! We have another category, the “Legendary Supporter”, who will walk exactly half the distance for each hour. Its about raising funds for “Anya’s Wish” and “Guns out for Tombsy”.

  • 5:00pm                        3.2km, 6 laps, lane 8
  • 6:00pm                        2.6km, 6 laps, lane 6
  • 7:00pm                        2.1km, 5 laps, lane 3
  • 8:00pm                        2km, 5 laps, lane 1 

How will you measure each person’s distance?

We will create a team on Strava, which will track every participant (there will be no hiding!)

As the event is at night, how will I see where I going?

Wakefield Oval will be completely floodlight, ensuring everyone’s safety throughout the evening.

What about medical support?

TAS staff are trained in first aid and the school nurse will be in attendance during the run.

I’m going to get very hungry travelling 19km, what about FOOD?

Dinner will be available from 5:30-7pm for all participants, (Not the common BBQ sausages

and steaks). There will be snacks and water/powerade stations as well.

What about a singlet?

Yes, there are event singlets for every participant. 


There are female and male toilets/change rooms in the TAS gym.

What about COVID?

We will be following the NSW Health Department Guidelines on COVID, with the mandatory check-in, social distancing and the wearing of masks when appropriate.

What is the cost?

The cost will be $85, which includes dinner, snacks, sports drink, event singlet and your donation to both “Anya’s Wish” and “Guns out for Tombsy”.


Please contact Jim Pennington via email, [email protected]