Triple Crown 2022

Welcome to the juggernaut known as the TAS Triple Crown, nothing can stop its energy!

Welcome to the TAS Triple Crown for 2022. This year sees a slightly revamped formula, as we look to find or create events that support our community, provide the requisite challenge and are as COVID proof as possible! We are planning on four events for 2022, and those who complete three of these during their time at school are awarded the Triple Crown; completing them in one year earns a student a coveted Gold Triple Crown! If you can do all four in a single year, it’s an Awesome Foursome!

Our first event this year is The Coffs Ocean Swim (2km)

This has developed into a ‘must do’ event for so many TAS students, staff and parents. Notwithstanding the fact that the vast majority of our pupils are from regional NSW, in 2019, there were exactly 100 TAS students (and six parents) who swam the 2km, quite an impressive statistic and this represented a third of all entries. Held in the safety of the harbour near the Coffs Jetty, the swim is incredibly well organised and is supported by all SLS Clubs along the Coffs Coast.

The approximate cost of this event is $100 which includes entry, transport, breakfast and lunch.

As restrictions are easing, I am pleased to be able to offer this experience to all TAS students, staff and parents. Please come along and swim, supervise or cheer for your child!

Should you wish to avail yourself of this epic opportunity, please register your Expression of Interest by Sunday 13 March.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at [email protected]


Mr Jim Pennington
E: [email protected]