Walk a Mile in Another Man’s Wheels

Friday 11 November 4-8pm


The final event of the Triple Crown is Walk a Mile in Another Man’s Wheels, in support of former Wallaby and TAS OA (1985) Richard Tombs and the Guns out for Tombsy Foundation.


In teams of 4, you will undertake various loops of the school. Each lap varies between 800-1000m in distance. The Challenge here is that for each hour, 1 member of your group must be in a wheelchair. Furthermore, the chair is to be self-propelled, (ie, you don’t push your teammate). At the end of each rotation (on the 50 minutes) during the 10-minute break, groups then swap over for another member to use the wheelchair. This will allow everyone to experience (just a little), what life is like (in a very small way) for someone in a wheelchair. It’s about Walking a mile in another man’s wheels’. This is the crux of the Challenge.

I have been able to arrange a number of wheelchairs from various sources. There is, however, a limit, so we will have a cut-off.


A list of FAQ’s is also available on the side menu.


Mr Jim Pennington
E: [email protected]